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Khalida - ⁇ - 5x5
I collect shiny objects and make nests. Aggressive when provoked. I am made of birds.
I like Pokemon, バイオハザード, Night Vale, and birds.

I run a website all about Pokemon Cards.

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calhoutennany sent:

Also since it does seem to be about 1:30 in your area, is there a way I could convince you to bed if you're still awake? \;//v//;/

uwu yeah I’m still awake, been pretty much on edge all day so my mind is crazily buzzing like a beast, but I’m about to curl up and try sleeping because I’m pretty physically wiped — but I am TOTALLY going to answer the hell out of that Khalida-centric ask when my eyes aren’t falling out of my face. 



How about an Egyptian-looking Sylveon based on a jackal?


pannsie and I have worked out exactly why Metal Mario is in Mario Kart 8.

Comedic relief. Also awkward racing openers.


queenspritzee these gave me khalida feels.




(via Australian Raven - Corvus coronoides - Stevografix)


I literally just found the missing visual puzzle piece for the piece I’m trying to sketch for heatherbat in those Groove-billed Anis. 

Because Khalida would have a small army flock of them with her, and I just.

A bigger one with bat-like wings and features as a higher evolution working along a chain similar to Khalida’s and basically a genetic descendant/as close to a child as Khalida could get given finding a mate is near impossible for her physiology and hNnNNNNNH.



Groove Billed Ani birds look prehistoric.


i HONESTLY thought this was a perfect restoration of something from the Cretaceous, i adore these birds

Proper photos tomorrow when it’s not night and I can get shots in natural light, but I painted and built my Bloody Deathsaurer D-Style koto figure. The in-box red is hilariously bad, more maroon and grossly not red at all (it was such a dark maroon it was more brown) so a full repaint had to happen. 

Cue three coats of red and then a gloss coat of clear red over the top which added a touch of sparkle to it. 

Such a cute little death machine~ and an easier build than the D-Style Ultrasaurus.


Godzilla - Our best looks so far


White peacocks fighting for dominancy